How to order advertisements?

Adding a project

On the homepage, click the Add Project button.



After navigating to the project adding page, fill in the name. In the Users field, you can assign collaborators who will have access to editing the project. After completing the required fields, click the Add Project button.



Media and offers database

The project has been added to the list. Click the Select Offers button to access the media and offers database.



You are currently viewing news websites on the offers list. If you wish to order an advertisement in a printed newspaper, click the Printed Newspaper button. 





Choose the media you are interested in. You can search for media by keyword and also use filters by topic, country, region as state in the USA, etc.

Important! To filter by region, you must first select a country.

If you want to narrow down the search to websites with specific SEO indicators or statistics, expand Advanced Searches

After setting the appropriate filters, click Search. 



Selection of offer

After selecting the media, click See offers and choose the one that suits you.



To choose an offer, add it to the basket. After adding the offer, you can proceed to the basket by clicking the Go to basket button in the top right corner. If you want to return to the list of media and offers, click the Close window button.